The Election’s Most Important Issues

WHAT TO do about the war, what to do about the economy, what to do about those rimless glasses and that saucy updo? Style has never been more important than it is in this election.

LA Times’ Booth Moore, “Sarah Palin’s style: the issue at hand”

She may be broke but she’s not flat busted! Governor Palin certainly has a distinct fashion sense, and thank God that she has avoided the pantsuits (which I maintain sounded the Hillary campaign’s death knell).

The media pretends that they have to magnify every irrelevant issue (her daughter’s pregnancy, her husband’s DUI, troopergate, and now her fashion sense) because they have no actual substance to investigate. But as we’ve shown, there’s plenty of substance to go around.

But whatever lack of substance the media manufactures is no excuse to tell lies about the Governor’s stance on sex education, censorship, etc.


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  1. McCain and Palin are good, decent people.
    So are Obama and Biden.
    There is, though one glaring difference.
    McCain/Palin want to continue the Iraq war.
    Obama/Biden want to end it.

    I want to discuss something Republicans REALLY love: Money.

    Estimates are that just under 100,000 people have been killed in Iraq.

    Cost estimate: $3 TRILLION final, $1 TRILLION spend so far

    COST TO US: between $10 and $30 million per terrorist!

    Ya know, I just don’t think we’re getting our money’s worth, Aye?!!
    Do you? I say we END THIS WAR!

  2. The figures you quoted are “inexact” according to the very article you cite. In fact, that same article goes on to point out that only $415 billion was spent by the federal government from 2003-2007 on the war. Hardly the $1 trillion we’re all supposed to gasp at. And by way of comparison, during that same time the federal government spent $370 billion on education, but I don’t hear liberals asking “are we getting our money’s worth?” when it comes to this nation’s public schools. In fact, liberals are more than happy to advocate even LARGER sums for education, welfare and assorted other domestic graft for the unproductive, non-taxpaying underbelly of American society. Never mind that victory in Iraq actually makes it more likely those people – along with all Americans – can live without fear of some smelly raghead crashing a 747 into their office while they’re at work. Never mind that victory in Iraq means we don’t have to spend billions on a nuclear arms race or a missile defense shield to protect American cities (or Tel Aviv) from Baghdad.

    Liberals love to talk about the “cost” of the Iraq War because they look at the money spent on defeating terrorism as money that could be spent on federal funding for school lunches and The Vagina Monologues. The average American would just be happy to have the money not spent at all and returned to his or her pocket, but this psuedo cost-benefit analysis liberals are trying to perform on Iraq is merely a shell game to distract from their real goal of doubling domestic spending by the federal government.

    I doubt those men whose fortunes kept our Revolution afloat in bleaker times than this were demanding that George Washington make peace with King George because they weren’t “getting their money’s worth.” I doubt the Civil War or either World War or the Cold War was fought on a balance sheet either. No, liberals don’t want to fight this war, not because it costs money, but because they don’t believe that terrorism is a threat best dealt with on foreign battlefields. As the only Democratic president of the past 27 years proved time and again, liberals simply don’t get it when it comes to matters of national security. And any cursory glance at Congress will scream to even the most casual observer that liberals don’t get it when it comes to fiscal responsibility either. So you’ll have to excuse us if we turn a deaf ear to your hollow whining about the “costs” of war.

  3. War is wrong from any point of view; war does no bring but more violence and more people will hate us; we have different cultures, different beliefs, languages, we eat different food; we all have different needs and dreams; we are in a great nation and we all can brag that we are in the best nation, but war is making us more bulnerable to terrorist, because when a person dies terrorist or not more people will be against us; if that person leaves any kids those kids will be the terrorists of tomorrow; if more people die other governments will be against us; and maybe someday a Country Organizer can make the whole world raise against us, and we all loose.

    We share the same planet; lets take care of it and most importantly lets take care of each other. Lets see the world in a lot better way and the world will see us in a lot better way too.

  4. Thank you, Terry, for your comment! Amen!

  5. So…you were saying something about style? I have been following her fashion, and I write about it a lot in my fashion blog for professional women. Personally, I would love to go to her house and go through her closet. Especially, I want to check out all her shoes.

  6. I think Sarah Palin is what is both right and wrong with the republicans. While it is a healthy thing to inject new blood into the GoP. You also need substance too.

    Republicans are like the alcoholics who blame every body for their problem ( the economy, Bush, Sarah Palin, Joe the bum but they dont see that they have a fundamental problem: Ideas

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